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Sedcard von Elise


Vorname Elise
Haupttalent Modeln
weiteres Talent Musik, Tanz, Schauspiel, Artistik, Sonstiges
Geburtsjahr 1984
Geburtsort Flores
Geschlecht weiblich
Nationalität Indonesien
PLZ und Ort 73230 Kirchheim
Bundesland Baden-Württemberg
Land Deutschland

110% Indonesian.
Natural thick and tightly curly hair. Black eyes. Dark skin. It's beautiful in every other individual that looks like me.You looks great of who you are. Black, white, curly does not matter. We have to learn to love and work with what we have.

I have done some modelings, television, books, radio and musics. Most of them, dedicated for my culture and heritage. Done some rules for woman and young generation empowerment. Should be proud and thankful, learn to love and work with what we have instead of destroy or change it. Everyone should be proud of their origins.

Research your personal and cultural history. Where did your ancestors come from? While that, of course, was wrong and a crime, remember that you are only here today but children who carried their heritage onto the next generation. That is definitely something you should be proud of.
I belive, there are still hundred womens out there, who has not enough confindece in themselve. Come, lets hold the hands, and say " I am Lucky !!
Remember that you are beautiful no matter what color you are.

* Don't be afraid to calmly face up to people who intimidate you but without being in a fighting attitude.
* Be Hygienic; Eat and Stay Healthy.
* Get cool hair.
* Wear trendy cute clothes or whatever fits your style
* Make yourself known
* Remember you don't need make up to be fabulous; confidence is what makes you more beautiful, and your testimony.
* Always remember that you are a creation of God, and no matter what any person says about you, if you do God's will and follow the heart that wants to please Him, even if people say negative things about you, they will forever respect you


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